Thursday, April 10, 2008

This is ridiculous

The Latest installment of the Miley and Mandy show featuring Miley Cyrus and backup dancer BFF Mandy Jiroux. this episode also features guest stars Chris Massey (nickelodeon) and younger brother Kyle Massey (Disney) and they are all involving in some good "clean" fun.
Shouldn't Miley doing something a little better with her youtube fame? Why didn't she promote Idol Gives Back on there, that would have been a much more meaningful video..
And by the way Chris Massey starred with Jamie Lynn Spears in Zoey 101.
i wonder if they ever talk about her or give her a call and say "hey i saw you in In touch weekly
Looking round girlfriend :)"
you can check out Miley and Mandy's youtube channel here

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