Monday, April 7, 2008

We love ellen

Juno actress Ellen Page graces the May cover of Teen Vogue magazine. I love seeing girls in magazines who aren't the ideal cover girls. 2 new movies that were both shot before Juno are coming out this month Smart People and The Tracey Fragments.

ELLEN, ON HER PERSONAL STYLE: "I'm a bum, really. [Work] is the only time I get dressed up."

ELLEN, ON HER RISE TO FAME: "It's been surreal. I'm insanely grateful, but it's just like, 'Really? Are you sure?'"

ELLEN, ON POST-JUNO ROLES: "People expect me to do some kind of gritty look-at-me-I'm-such-an-actor thing, but that would have felt contrived."

ELLEN, ON THE FUTURE: "I absolutely adore doing this, but I also know that this is a fragile industry, and I don't want to attach my happiness to it."

To check out more details and exclusive photos of the shoot click here

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